Mobile boat maintenance service in Lake Tyler 

For far too long, inboard and outboard boat maintenance in Lake Tyler has been more of a struggle than it should ever have to be. Nobody wants to go through all the troubling steps of getting their boat maintained, yet it’s essential to keeping any Lake Tyler cruiser running for years to come.

Float Fix is here to remove the most bothersome parts of maintaining a boat on Lake Tyler: expenses, inconvenience, and time-wasting. Our state-of-the-art custom barge, captained by maintenance experts — some of whom worked as mechanics in the Marine Corps — is packed with the equipment that will eliminate each of those issues by coming directly to your boat so it never has to leave the waters of Lake Tyler.

We never want our clients to do the heavy lifting, and schedule themselves around our time. Float Fix lets you choose which Lake Tyler boat maintenance package you want, pin your location on our map, make a swift payment, and schedule a time for us to serve you. From there, we’ll take our barge out to your Lake Tyler home as soon as possible and make your boat run ever more efficiently than when you first got it.

Here are the three Lake Tyler maintenance packages we offer for, each of which applies to outboard and inboard boats:

Basic Package — We’ll change your oil and oil filter with the manufacturer’s recommended fluids. This is our most straightforward service, but it’s nonetheless an important aspect of keeping your boat functioning at its peak.

Basic Plus Package — We’ll change the fluid in the lower gearcase and swap the primary fuel filter. As for inboard boats, we’ll trade out the upper and lower gearcase fluid, and thoroughly inspect the power steering and trim fluids. This also comes with the contents from the Basic package.

VIP Package — In addition to the benefits from the Basic and Basic Plus packages, we’ll maintain your water pump or impeller with the VIP Package. This will keep your engine from overheating.

No matter how we maintain your boat in Lake Tyler, Float Fix guarantees each package comes with the utmost quality of service. Don’t wait. Contact us today for your Lake Tyler boat maintenance needs!

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